Our mission is to make every belly adorable! Children and adults alike who have g-tube, j-tube or other medical assistance deserve to feel special...because they are. Our mission is to create fun, functional and fashionable tubie covers (gtube pads) to help reduce granulation tissue and skin irritation.

Our designs are washable, reusable and eliminate the need for gauze and tape. Each Adorabelly Design cover is triple layered for comfort, absorbency and are secured with a snap. We uniquely finish our tubie covers to the edge to reduce fraying. Our top-of-the-line quality ensures long-lasting use and our handmade, adorable designs are sure to create many smiles.

Sometimes the things we cannot change end up changing us

The inception of Adorabelly Design was a simple concept: a way to cope with Julie’s son’s feeding tube. Simon is the inspiration for Adorabelly Design. Simon was born in March 2013 and has changed our lives in every way possible. Despite multiple health issues and the need for a g-tube, Simon is a happy, healthy boy who brings a smile to anyone around him. We are truly lucky to have him in our lives. We can’t change that he has a feeding tube, but we can change how we embrace it. Simon has taught us that we only have one life, and to live it to the fullest. We’re doing that by giving back to other Tubies.

Adorabelly Design is proud to serve the tube-fed community. Owned and operated by Julie and Laura (and our husbands), we strive to put some “fun” in the function of tube feeding. We’ve been best friends for decades and now we enjoy being business partners, too.


Julie – BFF/CEO


Laura – BFF/CFO

Creating adorable bellys, one Tubie at a time®